KIT-S32PS Bore Pump Cap Kit 32mm pressure switch operated View full size

KIT-S32PS Bore Pump Cap Kit 32mm pressure switch operated

Bore cap kit 32mm with standard pressure switch

Pressure Switch Operated  Bore Cap Kit 32mm

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Bore Cap Kit 32mm electric pressure switch pump operation. 

Suitable for automated pump cut On/Off low to medium pressure. Kit is supplied non assembled and can be configured as per the images. Items may vary depending on stock availability.
Note: an air tank will be required, please ask for a recomended size to suit your system.


  • Gate valve to control bore flow
  • Ball valve to close water supply
  • Adjustible pressure switch to turn pump power On/ Off
  • Power lead to suit motor size 10A up to 1.5 HP
  • Non corrosive materials

Kit contain the following items

  • Pumpmaster powder coated bore cap 32mm
  • Pumpmaster pressure switch adjustible with Stainless Steel base
  • Power lead 1.5 Metre long with 10 or 15A 3 pin plug to suit motor sizing
  • 32mm brass spring loaded check valve for pump
  • Brass 5 way T piece
  • Brass gate valve to control bore flow
  • Nylon ball valve to close water flow
  • Oil filled pressure guage
  • Other fittings as required
  • 2x 32mm poly pipe fittings suit 32mm metric poly pipe

  • Professional assembly available