FPC 37010 Dual Pumps COMPAKT Controller 240v View full size

FPC 37010 Dual Pumps COMPAKT Controller 240v


 Dual Pump Controller - 1PH 240v
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The COMPAKT dual pump controller is as the name indicates, it is compact. It has all the features of the APC6 dual pump
controller and is suited to most applications. The COMPAKT is an off the shelf ready to go product in two ranges, 0.1-6amp and 5-16amp. Being compact there is no capacity to add additional features such as a HMI, specific BMS, telemetry or
additional pumps.This is the flexibility of the APC6 Dual Pump Controller.
The following features are included in the COMPAKT control:
- 5x Digital inputs arranged as screw terminals.
- 2x 230Vac Pump outputs. Using a heavy duty relay
- Current monitoring of pumps for detection of overload and subsequent shutoff.
- 2x 12Vdc outputs for siren and strobe. Protected from overload by a current sensing circuit.
- 1x Voltage free normally open ‘common fault’ output (rated to 24VDC, 1A).
- 1x Dual Pump Keypad Interface
- 1x External mute button input (IN5 input screw terminals).
- DIP switches to select:
• Operation mode
• Alternation time
• Anti-seize protection
• 5 minute manual timeout
• High level options

  • Volts: 240v
  • Pumps: Dual

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