Coast Pumps can ship to virtually any address within Australia. Shipping cost is determined by destination, weight and delivery method.

Coast Pumps use Star Track Road Express. We also offer pick up from our sunshine coast warehouse only.

To find out the shipping charges that apply to you, simply add the items to your shopping cart choose your preferred method of delivery and proceed accordingly to the checkout where the full cost will be calculated and displayed before you make any payment.
It is your obligation to enter the correct delivery address details at the time of ordering. Should you enter the wrong address, we are not obligated to re-send the order to the correct address at our expense.
We cannot ship to a Post Office Box, so please ensure that you provide the correct delivery address when you place your order.
At least one contact phone number must be included
Also include any additional details about your delivery, e.g. if you will not be at the supplied address when goods are delivered.

If we cannot deliver to your area we will contact you within 2 business days to arrange an alternate delivery method if possible.

The estimated delivery times are in working days Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. Normal delivery is within 3 to 14 working days from the date of payment of your order.

We will make every effort to deliver your product within the estimated delivery time but the actual delivery times may change due to changes in supply or circumstances beyond our control. We encourage you to visit the "My Account" section on our website to view the delivery status of your product. If your product has not arrived within the estimated delivery time, please contact us.

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